Initial ICBC Reporting Requirements

Firstly, you or your representative should report an accident to ICBC within 24 hours

Ideally, you or your representative should report an accident to ICBC by calling the ICBC dial-a-claim center or by going on-line at, ideally within 24 hours of the accident.  You will be asked to provide general information of all vehicle including the make and model of the vehicles, insurance and driver/owner information. You will also be asked for details of the accident and whether you or your passenger(s) suffered an injury in the accident. Specifically, the representative will ask for the following information:

  1. Your vehicle license plate number and registration;
  2. The name and the driver’s license number of the person driving your vehicle;
  3. The name, the license plate and driver’s license numbers of the other vehicle(s)/ parties involved in the accident;
  4. When the accident happened;
  5. The location of the accident;
  6. General details of the accident;
  7. Your views on liability and whether you will accept responsibility; and
  8. Details of the injuries to the parties involved in the accident.

Note that ICBC has been known to pursue claimants for fraud if false information is provided in the initial claim reporting process so make sure you are providing accurate information.