Other Issues

Dealing with your Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer for your ICBC claim can be a stressful situation because most people haven’t had a lot of contact with lawyers in their life. The lawyer clearly has the advantage over the client because the lawyer has the knowledge and expertise. This section helps understand when to hire a lawyer, what to look for in a lawyer and how to deal with a lawyer once you have retained that professional.


When to Hire a Lawyer

Your Initial Meeting with a Lawyer

Paying Your Lawyer

Firing Your Lawyer

Being Fired by Your Lawyer

Disputing Your Lawyer’s Bill

Appointment of Defense Lawyers

What Law Firm is Doing ICBC’s Work


Vehicle Issues

When your motor vehicle is involved in an accident and suffers damage, whether you are at fault or not, dealing with ICBC for the repairs or write-off value is sometimes a difficult process. The following sections provide some helpful input into the process.


Repairing your Vehicle versus Writing it Off

When ICBC Writes-off Your Vehicle

Disputing ICBC’s Decision on Vehicle Repairs and Write-off Value

Pursuing Vehicle Damage Claims Without Using ICBC

Accelerated Depreciation


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