Types of Claims

Types of Claims

In this section you will find information on a variety of different types of motor vehicle and personal injury claims. In addition, you will also find some very helpful information about how to begin and maintain a claim against ICBC.


What is a Personal Injury Claim

Whiplash Injuries

Who do You Sue for Injuries and Damages?

Claims Against Family Members

Pedestrian/ Cyclist Claims

Out of Province/Country Claims

Infant Claims

Hit-and-Run Claims

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Protection Claims

Work Related Injuries and Your ICBC Claim

Family Compensation (Death) Claims


Part VII Benefits

Part VII of the Regulations of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act (the “Regulations”) provides the authority for medical and rehabilitation benefits that ICBC is required to pay. These benefits are best described as “no-fault benefits” simply because all individuals are entitled to the benefits, even the bad driver that caused the accident. The unfortunate situation is that ICBC has set up a series of policies and procedures that limit the pay-out to claimants under Part VII. In addition, many adjusters resist paying much of anything under Part VII as to do so would otherwise support the personal injury claim.

New policies at ICBC that were commenced in January 2019, in the lead up to the ICBC no-fault scheme, suggest that ICBC will pay Part VII benefits indefinitely and not cash out the future care award any longer. In practice, it is doubtful this approach will continue indefinitely as there is value for ICBC to close out the file permanently. If the policy does continue, the claimant will have to deal with ICBC for many years if treatment and medication in necessary due to the permanent nature of the injuries.

The following articles help you understand Part VII benefits and how to deal with ICBC to ensure they are paying the appropriate amount of Part VII benefits.


What are No-Fault/Part VII Benefits

Who is Entitled to Part VII Benefits

How to Apply for Part VII Benefits

Types of Part VII Benefits

The Interplay of Part VII and WorkSafe Coverage

Deductibility of Part VII Benefits in the Tort Claim

When ICBC Refuses to Cover Part VII Benefits

Who at ICBC Handles my Part VII Claim

ICBC’s Right to Send you to a Medical Assessment