Out of Province/Country Claims

ICBC can be accessed in situations where there is little or no other insurance coverage

If you are traveling in a foreign jurisdiction outside of British Columbia, ICBC may be involved in the claim.  The reason being, ICBC insurance is “universal” and can be accessed in situations where there is little or no other insurance coverage.

If you are driving an ICBC insured vehicle outside the Province and cause an accident, then ICBC is very much involved in the defense of any claim advanced against you.

If you are driving a rental vehicle or a vehicle licensed outside the Province, ICBC may still be involved. To start with, some of your insurance coverage applies outside of the Province especially if you have Road Star or Road Star Plus coverage.  Check your insurance brochure for coverage details.

If you are injured outside the Province, then you may still have access to ICBC insurance coverage.  In many jurisdictions in the United States, the amount of Third-Party liability coverage that is available to pay your damages suffered in an accident is very modest and sometimes as low as $10,000. Also, in the United States, it is not uncommon for vehicles to be driven without insurance. In situations where there is not enough insurance coverage to pay the full extent of your damages, ICBC may have to compensate you for your damages under the underinsured motorist protection (“UMP”) plan. Please see the section on UMP coverage for a full description.

In other situations where you are injured outside the Province, disability benefits and medical expenses coverage may not be available to the same extent as Part VII benefits available through ICBC. Your entitlement to Part VII benefits applies regardless of the location of the accident but Part VII benefits are secondary insurance meaning that you must claim against other insurance first before going to ICBC for the Part VII benefits.

If the injury occurs in a no-fault jurisdiction such as Manitoba or Quebec, ICBC will have to comply with the legislated higher limits of medical and rehabilitation coverage.

The best suggestion is that whenever you are involved in an out-of-Province accident, you should contact ICBC and report the accident.  It may be that any dealings you have with respect to this out-of-Province accident do not involve ICBC but to be safe, you should report the accident to ICBC.