Whiplash Injuries

Most whiplash injuries are caused by rear end collisions

Whiplash injuries are the generic word for an injury to your soft tissue (tendons, muscles and ligaments) caused by a sudden acceleration deceleration force.  Typically, most whiplash injuries are caused by rear end collisions.

The unfortunate part is that most soft tissue injury claims are inherently subjective in nature.  That means that there are not a lot of objective signs (i.e. herniated disc, broken bones, etc.…) to support that an injury has occurred.  Rather, much of the injury is based on what you may be telling your doctor or therapist about your pain from the injury.

Usually, whiplash injuries are categorized as mild, moderate or severe by the Courts and by many doctors/therapists. In bucking the trend, ICBC has been using short form medical legal reports called CL-19s to grade the whiplash injury as Grade I, II, III or IV. That grading system largely deals with objective measures such as reduced range of motion, fractures and neurological abnormalities. It does not address chronic and real pain which cannot be objectively measures.

Unfortunately, doctors and therapists vary greatly on what injuries they place in each category as do the various ICBC adjusters.

The grading of whiplash injury will have a significant impact on accidents that occur after April 1, 2019 because most whiplash injuries will be deemed a “minor injury” which in turn limits the pain-and-suffering to only $5500 adjusted for inflation.

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